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Our Company

Campobello empresa

The company is dedicated to Full Cycle being breeding, rearing and fattening of animals spread over a complex stays in Department of Boqueron, Paraguay Western Party.


Location of La Patria, District of Mariscal Estigarribia, Boqueron Department at 260 Km of Philadelphia.

The livestock is concentrated in the Full Cycle of animals, we utilize a power silvopastoral grazing, where native trees are maintained and seeded grasses adapted to the area, in this case Gaton Panic, thus protecting the forests while doing productive livestock, without altering the ecosystem.

Depending on the needs, animals are supplemented with hay produced in the same establishment in fields ready. We have a system of natural water drawn from artesian wells and distributed to all drinkers, facilitating the access to water animals.

We also take special care to the environment, livestock enterprises spend 43% of their land to natural forest reserves, which are developed and maintained by the consortium silvopastoral grazing, a significant number of trees of native species.

We have a team of veterinarians to plan and develop a schedule preventive health, including vaccines and drugs internationally recognized laboratories for the prevention of diseases such as foot and mouth disease, brucellosis and rabies, among others. Betting that the preventive sanitation results in more healthy animals, best development and increased productivity.

In cattle ranches takes very seriously the rational management of the property, each with a schedule of distribution of animals per pen, as well as rotation of the same, the staff assigned to this program are trained in the best techniques management to do the same in the most efficient and without causing stress to the animals.

For termination of the animals, it has a tracking system (SITRAP PY) that identifies each of the animals, their origin and a historical report of his life ranging from food to sanitation.

Our animals are ready for slaughter less than 24 months, thus obtaining a meat of better quality to meet the most demanding international markets.